How This Mompreneur Makes Healthy Food In a Hurry!

I am by no means what you would call a “health nut” Although I enjoy working out and being healthy, eating health foods has never been something that I have been very good. As a busy mom of 3 who works as a teacher, writer, speaker and entrepreneur cooking has never been something I have spent very much time. Oh how I wish I was a little more “Betty Crocker” like but I am afraid that gene skipped me. A few months ago a tried to make a cake for husbands birthday and even that came out bad! My vegetable oil was way passed expiration date ( which shows you how often I cook) and the cake tasted horrible. My brothers have always made fun of me and said I should have my own ” creative cooking show” as they know how interesting my meals always turn out. I just don’t have the patience for reading details like how much of something to add, I mean really what is the big difference between adding a tablespoon or teaspoon of salt…. I promise my mom did take time to help me cook and I even took home-ec but I have finally realized that cooking, baking and basically anything in the kitchen is NOT my strength in any stretch of the imagination..but that is okay! God has blessed me with other areas that I excel in. So what is a busy mom supposed to do who knows the dangers and unhealthiness of processed foods? What am I supposed to do when the kitchen is my enemy?  Enter Yevo.


About a year ago a friend told me about an amazing new product just going to market that puts 43 essential nutrients into everyday foods without any preservatives or chemical processing, and the best part? All the meals can be made in 2-5 minutes, now she was speaking my language!! It didn’t take me long to realize that this was the answer I had been searching for. I quickly ordered some oatmeal and hot rice and got started right away on feeding my family these healthy foods. As I began to see my energy increase and my nails and hair grow at a faster rate than I had ever seen before I began sharing with more and more people. Months went by and additional products were added and finally when the Smoothies came out my husband Luke began to drink them consistently every day. I began to see an improvement in his health and energy and when he would miss a day he could tell he just didn’t feel as good. He is a cancer survivor and I love that he is now getting the 43 Essential Nutrients that the World Health Organization say all of us need. I am not taking the chance of his cancer ever returning, the best offense is a good defense.

So that is my long story short of how this cookingphob is able to get healthy foods into my body and families bodies without pulling out a pot, pan or that spinny thing that mixes things up;)


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